The QUICK-GLAZE repair system is a Multi-Tech Products Corporation (MTP) product that was developed to meet the unique needs of professional surface repair contractors to repair marble and solid color spas and bathtubs and showers.  It has been designed to provide a high performance repair, but be able to be applied and completed quickly to minimize repair service cost. A clean environment is required to avoid airborne contaminants from affecting the appearance of the repair.  If necessary, the finished repair can be buffed and polished, if it is allowed to fully cure, which takes a few hours.

MTP also provides a “MMA” system for repair.  It can be buffed sooner to provide maximum surface gloss and smoothness.  Even though it is designed primarily for factory use where air contaminants are common, it must be fully cured before it is buffed.  It should not be used for spa repairs in “wet” areas.

Please visit us at www.multitechproducts.com for more information as well as procedures for repairing various types of spa defects, such as blisters and delamination.

Multi-Tech Products offers repair materials that match all popular colors and textures that are commonly sold in the industry.   Refer to our website for more specific information on colors that are available.   Repairs to spa surfaces start with a special filler, designed to avoid failure problems seen with polyester body fillers and putties due to the effects of water, spa chemicals, and sunlight.  A high performance acrylic resin is the recommended filler for spas.  It should always be used when there is long exposure to water and spa chemicals.

 We also offer a improved polyester filler, primarily for bathtubs, but it can be used for spa repair areas that are not exposed to these conditions.    The filled repair is then spray-coated (using an air brush) with a color matched base coat. Light and dark toners allow adjustment of the base coat color.  The repair is finished by applying a protective, polyurethane, clear topcoat.  These repair coatings allow the damaged surface to be repaired to an appearance almost like new.

The use of conventional automotive repair products such as polyester type fillers (Bondo, Evercoat, Akemi and Duraglass), lacquer spot putties and primers (although labels may read “acrylic” or “water-proof”) absorb water  and  are  not  recommended  with this  system,  especially  in spa  applications.

Substitution of alternate products can have a severe detrimental effect on the performance and durability of the repair.