There are a few million portable spas and hottubs, mostly acrylic, in service today.  They get moved and are subject to damage.  They operate in a very harsh environment, so they develop minor surface problems that do not justify replacement, but the owner would take advantage of economical repairs.  Common problems range from simple scratches to cracks, crazing, blisters and bubbles.   These provide a great avenue for increased sales for enterprising, skilled repair craftsmen.

Many bathtub repair and refinish contractors decline jobs for spa surface repair, since they believe it exceeds their technical capability.  However, Multi-Tech Products offers repair kits, materials, tools, and training aids that can easily be used for becoming proficient in acrylic or gelcoat surface repair.  Even the ability to recreate the feared “marble” patterns can be learned by following and practicing a few simple steps and procedures with an airbrush.

And repairing the popular “granite-like” spas is very simple.

Multi-Tech Products Corporation (MTP) has been the leading supplier of bath and spa surface repair systems to manufacturers and professionals since 1992.  Information can be downloaded from the website, and training DVD’s can be purchased.  Explore the website for the information available, and to make purchases.

In order to develop competency for spa repair, a bathtub repair professional should purchase some material and arrange to practice the techniques before providing paid services.  Call MTP (800-218-2066) for ideas on how to facilitate practice jobs.  After completion of training, you must let potential customers know about your new capabilities.  You will know what advertising methods work best in your market area.    Customers of MTP are used for referral when manufacturers are looking for qualified repair contractors to perform warranty repairs or to help their customers locate a repair service nearby.  You may also want to contact these manufacturers, which are listed in our website.  Also, you should notify the spa retail stores in your area.

This blog has been created for multiple purposes.  One is to create a running dialog for information exchange between our hundreds of professional repair contractors.  We invite and encourage our existing customers to make contributions and write testimonials on how MTP repair technology has enabled them to expand their business.