I would like to add a slip-resistant surface to the bottom of my bathtub.  How do I do it?

Multi-Tech Products Corporation offers components capable of providing a slip-resistant surface to bathtub bottoms, shower bases, tile or concrete floors.  The system was designed for applications where a patch area or a defined non-slip surface area is required to avoiding the entire surface.  Obviously, no surface treatment can totally prevent falls.  These products will increase friction and reduce the likelihood of a fall.  The components include either a clear coat or a color-matched coating with a semi-transparent powder added to provide a textured surface.  The Quick Glaze system provides a great textured surface for porcelain, cast iron, gelcoat and acrylic bath products as well as tile, concrete or metal surfaces.  If the procedure is followed, the final result will have great adhesion to the existing surface, and the appearance will be a consistent textured surface as shown.