How do I determine the specific color description of my spa so I can order the correct repair kit?

It may be difficult to determine the exact color of a spa.  The easiest solution is to check with the spa dealer where you purchased it, or the original manufacturer.  You probably will need the serial number of the spa.  Depending on the age of the spa, this may not result in success.

The next course of action is to perform some research.  The first step is to try and put it in a category.  For example:  Is it a marble color, a mixture of two or three colors?  If it is, the three color marbles were normally a mixture of black, white, and a third color.  What is the third color?  Is it a “granite” color?  If so, does it contain large or small granules?  Is it a pearlescent color?  Is it a metallic color?  Is it solid white?  After you have established these criteria, you can go to the sheet manufacturers’ website to see if you can find a color matching your spa.  The sites are and

If you are unsuccessful, refer to and check the color section.  Finally, if this has all been unsuccessful, you can take a good digital, close-up photo, and email it to Multi-Tech Products.  Generally, they can identify the color since they have records on virtually every color ever sold as a spa.

It is important to realize that the sheet manufacturers often produced similar colors, and even called them by the same name.  However, they were frequently different enough to require different repair kit colors.

Acrylic spas were introduced in the early 1980’s.  Since then, there have been hundreds of different colors used for spas.  The spa industry is somewhat like the auto industry, and colors and textures are changed to meet consumer demands and trends.  Old colors disappear, and new colors are introduced.