I have a 15+ year-old Jacuzzi® spa that I accidentally scrubbed a scum line from the surface until I reached a  white base underneath.   I would like to repair it.  Can you help me pick a product that will work?  Pictures are below.

Mike Buckley


Yes, this can be repaired. You may think you caused the problem by excessive scrubbing, but actually it is bleached from an oxidizing chemical caused by poor procedures during chemical addition.  A possible cause is just poor water circulation with a high concentration of chlorine or bromine at this surface location.

The original spa color is still there, but under the bleached surface.  The original color continues until you reach the fiberglass reinforcement.

We have a buffing and polishing video that you can purchase that will clearly demonstrate the procedure for renewing the surface color.

The video procedure starts with sanding using 320 grit wet/dry sandpaper.   However, for this chemical bleach, I would start with 220 or even 100 grit wet/dry sandpaper with a progression to finer grit.

The end result will bring back the color and granite effect without the texture. It will have a gloss in those areas from the sanding and polishing process.

If you want to bring back some texture, sand away the white surface, and apply our K2000 clear coat with a paint brush at the 320 grit sand paper stage. The dabbing  vs. brushing application will cause a stippled effect on the surface, which will mimic the original texture.

Rob Clos

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