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Can you tell me what caused the clear coat, which was the final step in the spa repair,  to discolor (whiten) in less than a month?  I used brand new bottles of K2000 A and B parts, the customer did not fill the spa for about a week after the repair, and temperatures were in the 50 -60 degree range.  What will we have to do to repair this problem?


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This can happen due to a number of curing mistakes, which all involve premature exposure to water.   Here is an excerpt from the procedures available on our website that deal with this issue.

Click on the link below to see the complete instructions explaining what probably happened and how to fix it.

Somehow, the clear coat was exposed to water or moisture before the resin was completely cured.   Potential causes that could have led to incomplete curing are:

 1) Allowing moisture, water or dew to settle onto the fresh repair area within a few hours after completion.

 2) Closing the spa lid tight during curing.  This will generate moisture from the spa’s jet system causing the dry repair area and surface to stay wet.

 3) Filling the spa too soon (72 hours minimum @ 70°F) with water.  This stops the topcoat cure process  so that it fails to reach its peak hardness and chemical resistance.

 4) Extreme cold temperature during the cure period.  Low temperatures greatly increase coating cure time.   Then if water comes in contact with the coating it causes the whitening.

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to read complete description and instructions.


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