Customers frequently inquire about whether their problems could be occurring due to contamination in their repair materials purchased from MTP.  So here is an explanation for most of these issues.

Rob Clos

  •   Contaminated product

It is highly unlikely to receive MMA or Quick Glaze components from MTP with contamination.  Contamination usually happens when multiple technicians handle the same product in the factory or in the field. This can happen where two or three shifts occur in a factory. Contamination can occur from alternative products being substituted for MTP products for solvents, reducers, thinners, hardeners and toners. To assure trouble-free results, use only MTP brand components to assure compatibility and quality consistency.

When finished with a repair session discard any remaining mixed products.  Do not attempt to re-use at a later time or date.   This can be especially unforgiving when multiple technicians are using the same product or mixtures from one shift to the next production shift.  The paint products, both basecoats and topcoats, are mixed with various thinners and other special purpose chemicals prior to spraying on the surface to be repaired.  Therefore, a prepared mixture may last for days before becoming unsprayable.   If they are stored and used later, there is high risk of changing the formula, creating issues, if additional chemicals are added to the mixture.  For example, multiple temperature thinners added to the product can have an adverse effect on the performance of the product.

The absolute best practice is to prepare fresh materials using proper components each time a surface repair session is initiated. Check for contamination, yellowing or amber tones in the product source before mixing.