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I am the owner of a Bath Refinishing business. We currently specialize in refinishing bathtubs, showers, sinks, counter tops, etc. We have recently been asked by several plumbing supply companies to start offering bathtub spot repair and warranty work for their new bathtubs. There currently is no one offering this service within 100+ miles. While we can do an amateur job of color matching and feathering, we are not proficient at this type of work. Do you offer training or recommend a training company so that we can become proficient in this industry?

Please feel free to call or e-mail me. I am eager to discuss this with you.

Thank you,
To: Josh

We want to thank you for your interest in Multi-Tech Products for bath surface repair materials.
When people have experience in bathtub refinishing and use of our bathware repair materials, we find it is an easy transition from re-finisher to spot repair technician. The key is the right equipment, the right repair system, and the correct color for the brand of bathtub or spa being repaired. Although there are color variations in the industry, and within a manufacturer’s products, our colored systems can be finely adjusted by an operator with relative ease. Usually when ordering a specific color associated with a brand, it will be delivered to you very close to the manufacturer’s color standard and adjustments will be minimal. There are aspects to a specific product that can change color from the exact standard, which may cause the need to adjust color of the repair coating.  One example is color can change in acrylic-surfaced products as it is thermoformed into the tub shape.  Other potential color changes can occur due to the type of surface material, the unit age and technician ability.

Our Customer Service Department will help you to order the MTP recommended Starter Kit.  It will help you get acquainted with our spot repair materials. You should experiment with it on something like a scrapped bathtub that one of your retailers might have in stock. You should also practice using the proper air brush. The kit will include complete instructions, and will have a filler, color coating and a clear coat. It is our experience that most re-finishers use this kit as a first step in getting started performing spot repairs without a full training course. The most important tool for performing spot repairs is the correctly selected air brush with an adequate capacity (CFM) air compressor. We offer all of these tools.
We have two systems for surface repair materials:

1) MMA System which is utilized by manufacturers to achieve that perfect factory repair. (Polishing is required on the sprayed coating due to inherent factory air contamination)
2) Quick Glaze System which is normally chosen by repair professionals for field service. (a non-polished, quicker application because of less air contamination in homes)

Both systems use our Poly Filler and our coatings, which include a base color followed by a clear coat to protect the color from the environment. These coatings are applied with a single action, gravity fed airbrush.   I want to emphasize the importance of using the right airbrush, which is described and featured in our instructions. The other important consideration is the choice of the right type of mini compressor “tank type” with motor (1cfm) that delivers the optimum spray performance at 45 to 55 psi pressure for this specific style of airbrush and coatings.  If you make the wrong decisions regarding these critical factors, you will set yourself up for product performance problems such as  the coating being sprayed too “dry”, poor spray quality, or color and gloss matching.

The instructions will guide you to all the right tools. You will also find all recommended tools and accessories on our site.

Here are the links:


Tools on our site:

Please let our Customer Service Representative know what bath tub manufacturers supply your market area.
You may want to get that information from the supplier that is encouraging you to get into the repair business.
This will help you decide on initial color(s) and the correct repair system to order.
After becoming proficient in bath repair, I encourage you to expand your services to spa/hot tub repair. This can be very lucrative, since repair fees are generally higher. Procedures are similar, but you must use our Acrylic Filler rather than the Poly-Filler, since a spa surface is considered to be wet constantly.
Hope you find this helpful,
Rob Clos


Thank you for the response. I look forward to using Multi-Tech surface repair products.
I am excited to test your Starter Kit and will be placing an order for the airbrush kit and supplies/products as soon as I have reviewed the options. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

Thank you,