TO:  Multi-Tech Products

I am trying to repair a hairline crack in a vitreous china (white Kohler K6652) service sink.  Which product would you recommend and what color white?

Unfortunately, a hairline fracture in vitreous china means there is a crack all the way through the fixture.  Vitreous china can be repaired and even glued back together with our colored Poly Paste product, and we have it in Kohler white.   However, the issue is how to get the Paste into the fracture.  Unless there are separated (broken)  pieces  than can be glued together, you would have to grind a “V” groove through the entire thickness of the sink.   Creating this “V’ groove would produce more damage to the surface than the original hair-line fracture, since it would be very visible.   Also, the back of the unit would need some kind of reinforcement to hold it together.  This procedure could be used if there is good access to the sink, but there are complications.

The repair would be complicated and require a refinish of the whole sink. The next question would be,  “should a service sink be completely refinished?”   The answer is no.  A service sink probably gets too much use and is exposed to damaging impacts, so a refinish would not last very long.  It could also be exposed to strong cleaning chemicals, which would cause the refinished surface coating to fail.

If it is sufficient to achieve a fix simply to prevent leakage through the crack, it could be repaired as described above. Be aware of the aesthetics limitations, and I would not give any kind of warranty.

Many things to think about. But, it is just wise to sometimes walk away from certain jobs. And sometimes, a technician needs to just make things functional too.

Hope this helps,